…It’s Me Approved

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It’s funny…some of the things that stick with you. I’ll explain….

Since going gluten free, I have discovered a wealth of things that I can no longer indulge in. The donuts in the break room that the sales team brought in to say thank you for a job well done. The pizza party, for whatever reason, that does not feature gluten free crusts. Girl Scout cookies. (To be fair, 2014 saw the first ever gluten free offerings of Girl Scout cookies. However, they were not available everywhere, and not yet offered here.)  All of these things used to be fair game and I could partake of them at will.

A couple of months ago I walked into the break room at work to discover 4 dozen donuts. A colleague who was getting a couple for himself pointed them out to me and invited me to join him. I thanked him and explained that they weren’t gluten free and that I couldn’t have those. Then I said “Sadly, those aren’t me approved”. The next day I had a similar situation and used the same phrase – “Those aren’t me approved”. It sounded funny but it was true.

Not long afterward, I walked in and found 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the break room with a sign that read “Help Yourself”. I stood there for a moment looking at them and wishing I could eat one. Just then a friend walked up to me, smiled, and said “I don’t think those are you approved”.

So, I figured why not create a place where everything is me approved? Thus, WheatFreeMe.com was born. And while the possibilities are endless as far as slogans and taglines go, I think I’ll just keep it simple… “It’s Me Approved”. 🙂



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